Schott Field Jacket
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Schott Field Jacket

The Schott Field Jacket is one of our most popular jackets. The style as you might guess from the name, is inspired by the classic army field jacket.

Schott Field Jacket Genius Dublin

Travis needed to update his look…

The modern army combat jacket has been around in one form or another since men stopped going to war in their undies.

There are a lot of them around as they always seem to make more than they need and the surplus has been worn and loved by us mere civilians for years. We’ve put up with uncomfortable materials and dodgy workmanship all in the name of fashion.

Classic Design

The Schott Field Jacket is no left-over army rubbish. Schott NYC have updated the classic design using modern materials and features, resulting in a finer cut and a better fit and finish.

Schott Field jacket in Army Green

Schott Field jacket in Khaki

The styling is slicker than an army parade, with nice detailing throughout, allowing it to be worn over pretty much any outfit and for any occasion.

Warm & Water Resistant

It is made from a water resistant nylon fabric with a warm padding. It also features a removable neck and chest insert for those really chilly days.

The Schott Field Jacket is the perfect cover for those cold weather manoeuvres and comes in three colours: Khaki, Navy, and Black.

Schott Field Jacket


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