Red Wing Revival - Exclusive to Genius Dublin -
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Red Wing Revival – Exclusive to Genius Dublin



Another Exclusive from Genius Dublin! We’re delighted to introduce the Red Wing 8061 soft toe Merchant boot this autumn…



From the Red Wing Archives to Genius Dublin


Red Wing have revived this classic boot style, the 8061. Developed from Red Wing’s archives, the 8061 is based on a boot they originally produced in the 1920s.

Aki Iwasaki and his team of Red Wing Heritage footwear designers, noticed that 20 out of 50 styles in their 1929 catalogue didn’t feature the protective toe box that’s been a signature of their work boots almost a hundred years.


So they set about designing a modern boot with a more “flexible and comfortable fitting”. It has a low profile silhouette giving a more refined look. Iwasaki points out that “the sleeker toe work boot offers our current Red Wing fan a new option. More importantly, it’s something from our work boots’ history, not just for fashion.” 

As Ireland’s premier Red Wing stockists, we’re confident the Merchant Boot will prove to be a hit with all you Irish Red Wing fans.


Redwing Soft Toe Merchant Boot


Another Red Wing Classic: Exclusive to Genius Dublin


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