Broken in boots

We just noticed this morning how good are boots are coming along! “what have great boots and good men got in common?” “They get better with age!” Check out our ranges of great boots in store. From Red Wing Shoes to Sendra, and JShoes to Frye Boots. We’ve got you covered

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Berlin or Bust Part: The Second!

Sorry about the delay in getting part two of our Berlin adventures to you, but as usual the cut and thrust of the menswear game has conspired to drag us this way and that in an effort to keep the wheels on the fashion wagon! Above is the usual couplet of an interesting video from one of our suppliers and a video of a tune that has become a real earworm here at Genius! First, check out an interesting  “Making of”” video from Edwin and then listen to a brilliant Tune by Field Music. It’s a little like school, do a bit of teaching, then give ’em a little fun 🙂 Enjoy!!

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Hello & Welcome!

Welcome to the new look website. There are exciting changes happening here at Genius HQ and you’re looking at one of them. We will be relaunching our webstore later in the year, where you will continue to be able to buy the best in men’s clothing from Diesel, Replay, Levi’s, Gstar, Gas, Schott, Revolution, Edwin and also premium footwear from Red Wing Shoes, Frye Boots, Sendra and many more. But for now, welcome to the new blog! Here you’ll find news about what’s happening in store, stories from inside the fashion business, latest photo’s of new arrivals, all topped off with a little music, humour and opinion.

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